Our Story

The power of words is that a life can be launched with as little as a single phrase, an uplifting word or an act of kindness. Our words are often the very things that help create future dreams. And sometimes those dreams are beyond our wildest imagination.

Think of the power we wield, and the impact we can make if we become more intentional about encouraging our children through stories that are empowering, imaginative and broaden their perspectives.

Caterpillar Wings envisions inspiring young children to dream big through various modes of creative expressions such as digital, print, video and art. We are a story-telling platform for parents and children to create fictional as well as non-fictional content and establish a fan base through engaging and inspirational stories, artworks, videos, biographies and more.

Our Founders


Reema Gupta heads the Centre for Learning & Management Practice and Corporate Relations at ISB. Across her stellar career of over 13 years in the IT field, Reema has been indispensable in launching several progressive modules in organizations she was associated with. An instrumental strategist, Reema was recognized among the ‘Top 10 Women to Watch in Massachusetts’ for her contribution in science & technology during her stint at EMC Corporation. At ISB, Reema currently co-leads the Women’s Leadership & Excellence Initiative. Her passion for establishing a conducive and sustainable environment for women entrepreneurs has developed into a research focus for her doctoral studies at ISB.


Lakshmi Nambiar is a gallerist at Shrishti Art Gallery, one of Hyderabad’s oldest and leading modern art galleries. She is a multifaceted woman who wears several hats and has successfully bridged the gap between finance and art. An investment banker for over 10 years, Lakshmi has worked in leading capacities with several financial institutions in the US, executing M&A deals and private equity syndication. She is also a partner at Anthill Ventures where she boosts early growth stage startups in their journey. Today, Lakshmi is the face of Shristi-a gallery founded by her mother and is celebrated for creating awareness and an immersive experience of art in Hyderabad.


Sarada Akkineni is Technical Director at Blaze Automation, a technology company focused on Internet of Things (IoT), and brings over 10 years of management experience from flagship telecom companies. Sarada Akkineni is currently responsible for managing software design and development of Blaze Home Automation products. Her experience spans a range of technologies including Broadband Networking, Asynchronous Transfer Mode Switches, High speed Routers and VoIP Systems. During her career she has held management positions at Lucent Technologies and Net2Phone, and started her career as a software engineer at Cisco Systems. She interned as a network engineer at Bell Labs. Sarada is a Graduate from University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign.