'The Dot' Essay Writing Competition

Aspirational stories are all around us and all we need to do is listen. If you have a story brewing in your mind, here’s where you can type it all out.

Topic: Who is your Indian woman role model?

Write a brief essay in English (not more than 500 words) about a women from India who has inspired you and is your role model. Look for role models beyond your family, someone who has created an impact in their chosen career or someone who has contributed to the society/environment.

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The Dot That Went For A Walk

A children’s book with 51 illustrated stories that celebrate extraordinary women from India including artists and scientists, healers and entrepreneurs, politicians and rocket women of India, women in sports and a commando trainer, ‘The Dot That Went for a Walk’ is a stunning juxtaposition of circumstance and grit creating a thrilling sense of possibility. The book is illustrated with original art by female artists from all over the nation. Each woman’s story is written in the style of a fairy tale except these women have been their own knights in shining armour.

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Laksmi Davaloor (Blogger)

"Goosebumps! Pride! Inspiration! These were the sensations I experienced constantly during my journey with “The Dot that Went for a Walk”. As I researched and wrote the story of each of my role models, I cried, I laughed and I felt empowered. Every girl will identify with our dots and every child will learn that they can achieve anything they want to as long as they put their mind to it."

Aditi Mittal (Comedian)

"Every single one of these stories is so entertaining and inspiring. When the next generation of girls read and hear them, it will ensure that the stories we hear from them in the future will be doubly inspiring, and lead to a more inclusive and kind world-view."

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Children generally have an affinity for heroic tales. Traditionally heroes have been male who go on adventurous journeys, fight demons and rescue princesses. Women have been shown as damsels in distress who are always waiting to be rescued. Sadly this is the same narrative reflected even in our movies and other popular media. We are inspired to tell real stories of real women who have been their own knights in shining armour.